A lot of people believe that starting an online business is something very complicated 和 expensive. 他们错了.

你不需要巨额预算, 你不需要了解商业世界的每一个角落, 你不需要一个令人兴奋的网站, 你不需要设计技能, 你不需要每天立即获得100个销量.

你需要的是一个好主意. Once you have that, the rest is just going through the manual steps to start your online business. 这些步骤既不困难也不昂贵. In this guide, we'll explore each step you need to take 和 put you on the road to your first sale.


你需要一个想法, 一个mg赌场, 在线商店, 你需要计算送货和付款, 然后, 一旦你的商店上线, 你只需要做一些营销和优化.

它是昂贵的? 一点也不. 多亏了像Mozello这样的网站建设者, you don't have to worry about big expenses for web developers 和 designers. 很容易 mg游戏平台 你自己,添加你的mg赌场,然后……就是这样. 这是从来没有更实惠的开始自己的mg游戏平台业务.

Let's explore the 9 steps you need to take to start your business the right way.



If you're reading this, chances are you already have an idea, which is fantastic. 但是,如果你没有,那么想出一个并不难. 不需要什么特别的东西,甚至不需要什么原创的东西. 毕竟, 每个月有50万家企业开业 -你认为其中有多少是基于原创想法的? 可能没那么多.

当人们向内看时,最好的想法往往会浮出水面. 你的兴趣是什么? 你知道些什么? Is there a problem you've encountered in your day-to-day activities that you could solve for yourself 和 others? 你属于哪个群体,你是哪个领域的专家?

Developing a business idea around your personal interests will not only mean that you're knowledgeable about what you're creating, but it will also help you stay motivated 和 interested in the long term.

Check out this guide on 5 ways to find a profitable business idea to make sure you start off right.


一旦你有了一个(或多个)想法,你就需要确保它是可行的. 你的商店有需求吗? 竞争有多激烈? 在什么情况下,你期望盈利?

One great tactic is to immediately search for potential competitors - people who have already created something similar to what you have in mind. 如果你发现任何竞争对手, that's already a good sign - it means there's likely dem和 for your idea!

接下来,仔细分析你的竞争对手的表现. 他们的商店做工精良吗? 他们是否有负面评论? 人们在mg游戏平台抱怨他们吗? 他们是否错过了一些你能提供的重要信息? Try to find the opportunities where your store can outshine theirs 和 note them down.

但不要只看消极的一面, 也要找到积极的一面, 并将它们纳入你的研究中. Perhaps they have a great website structure or a clever 市场ing strategy. 阅读积极的评论, 还有消极的一面, 了解他们的客户喜欢和重视什么. 每个人都在为难以置信的送货时间说谢谢吗? 那么它可能也是你的商店需要的东西.


所以,你有一个想法,它有潜力. 在这一点上, you need to make sure you'll be able to obtain or create the product you're about to sell. 你是否需要与制造商联系, 创造数字mg赌场, 加入一个联盟计划, or something else - before proceeding make sure you'll have something to sell.

You don't actually have to invest anything yet, as you don't need to stock up on the product. Simply make sure that you can obtain the product when the first sale comes.



Once you've figured out what you're selling 和 know where to source your products from, 建议让你的商店运行起来, ,越早, 更好的. 花无数天去完善设计是没有意义的, 文本, 外观, 你的商店的感觉. 这部分稍后会讲到. 第一个, you need to underst和 whether there's a dem和 for your product 和 the best way to do that is to 发射 your store ASAP.

即使你每件事都做对了, 你的商业想法还是有可能行不通的. 所以,最好是推出你的商店, 验证你的想法, 然后改进商店, 而不是花费大量的时间, 能源, 和 resources perfecting the store before even knowing if things are going to work out.

你可以在2小时内拥有一个不错的、功能齐全的在线商店 你所要做的就是遵循这个指南. 在这, mg游戏平台讨论如何注册莫塞洛奶酪, 如何设计你的网站, 如何添加mg赌场, 如何添加航运和其他信息, 以及如何添加支付方式.


Unless you're dropshipping or selling digital products, you'll need to think about shipping. 价格可能相差很大, 这取决于mg赌场的重量, 运送到哪里, 还有交货的速度.

在早期阶段,您不需要一个完整的运输策略. While you're still getting your first sales 和 verifying your business idea, 运送东西就像你会一个个人包裹是好的. However, once your business is blooming, you'll need fast, reliable, 和 cost-effective shipping.

Make sure to find a solution that works for you - the first places to look for shipping solutions are your local post office or, 随着包裹机的日益普及, 服务,如 Omniva can be a great way to ship your products both in the early stages of your business, 以及当它成熟的时候.

Again, if you're struggling with this - take a look at what your competitors offer. Those will be the shipping methods 和 strategies that customers are used to 和 so they'll be expecting the same from you.


The other important task related to building your website is setting up payment methods so your customers can actually purchase your products.

Mozello is compatible with all the most popular payment methods including PayPal, 银行转帐, 货到付款, 还有信用卡支付. Setting up a payment method takes only a few minutes 和 it's super straight-forward. 你应该注意的唯一一件事是激活信用卡支付, you first have to create an account in one of the supported payment platforms (e.g. 条纹),然后连接到莫塞洛奶酪.

第三部分:优化 & 市场

步骤7:最后润色 & 发射

你有一个网站, 支付是设定好的, you're ready to ship products - it's time to give your website a final run-through 然后 发射!

再说一遍,你不需要深究它. 只要检查以下几点:确保没有打字错误, 检查采购流程,检查是否一切正常, 检查您的所有页面-您的联系信息更新?

一旦你做了检查, ask a friend or family member to do the same - run through your website 和 test if everything works. 一个新视角可能会发现一些你可能错过的问题.

With the final tests complete, it's time to “officially” 发射 the store - congratulations! 现在是赚钱的时候了.


Your store is live, but you won't get any sales if people don't know about it. Start out by leveraging your existing connections to get your first sale. Turn to social media, friends, family - people that will give you feedback if something goes wrong.

If everything works fine, then it's time to exp和 with some digital 市场ing. 数字营销, 简而言之, 意味着使用社交媒体等数字渠道, 谷歌, 付费广告, 还有其他吸引顾客来你店里的方法.

Check out these articles 和 learn everything you need to know to grow your business via digital 市场ing:


现在你的商店已经上线了,你的想法也得到了验证, it's time to put all your 能源 into improving it as much as possible to make sure more people buy from you.

你可以从 提高文本 在你的网站. 你可以让 更好的mg赌场照片提高他们的描述. 你可以 使用这些心理学技巧 玩定价游戏. 你可以 开始建立一个电子邮件列表. 你可以 开始创建mg游戏平台.


更重要的是,通过连接你的商店 谷歌分析 您现在可以进行基于数据的改进. 你可以看到你的访客来自哪里, 你可以看到他们的人口统计和兴趣, 你可以看到有多少人访问了特定的页面, 你可以比较不同时期的网站性能, 还有更多.

This allows you to react accordingly - are your visitors mostly middle-aged white men? 然后可以在你的广告中使用中年男模特. Are lots of people getting to the checkout page, but then not finishing the purchase? 也许人们不喜欢你提供的送货方式.

In short, once you have data, you can make informed changes that matter the most. 但也不要忘记一般的改进和最佳实践:


就这样,你有了一个在线业务! Now, you need to continue to do all the steps in part III - 市场 your website, get feedback & 数据,改进你的存储. As you iteratively improve 和 grow your store, the more profitable it's going to be.

如你所见, 开始你自己的mg游戏平台生意既不困难也不昂贵, 只要你用正确的方法做. 准备试一试? 在这里创建你的在线商店.