The 焦虑-free way to getting back to running your business after time off

The 焦虑-free way to getting back to running your business after time off

As a small or medium business owner, you might be wearing many hats. Or let's be honest – in most cases, you're probably wearing all the hats. It means that your business depends on you and your ''always on'' mode, which is the reason you might be avoiding taking time off at all costs.

但生活就是生活,它发生了. Sometimes it knocks you off your feet and forces you to take a break – be it a health-related break or simply longer-than-usual national holidays. 有时这可能是非常计划好的事情, 比如产假或应得的假期.

Returning to work after a break can be hard, regardless of the nature of your absence. The longer your time off is, the more daunting it may feel to return. So, how do you get yourself and your business back on track? 如何不感到不知所措和困惑, or even desperate from the workload that has accumulated while you were off?


On the first day after returning back to running your business, sit down and create a to-do list. Write down every single thing that comes to mind that needs to be done – both the big stuff and tiny things, such as correcting a typo on your website or buying a pen for your work desk.

Very often the reason we feel overwhelmed is because we keep our task list in our heads. Writing everything down – on a piece of paper or in an app – is a way to free your mind and allow yourself to forget about these things until it's their turn to be done. 这可以减轻压力和焦虑, and gives your mind the freedom it needs to be able to think clearly.

When your to-do list is finished, take a look at it with your now-free mind and start prioritizing. 如果有些任务看起来仍然庞大且无法完成, divide them into even smaller ones until each little task separately doesn't look that scary anymore.

例如, you might have realized that an offline store is not enough for your business anymore and it needs a website. mg赌场听起来像是一个长达数月的项目, 即使你选择与一个网站建设者, 如Mozello, 它不需要你学习任何编程技能吗. But what if your first tasks are creating an account on Mozello and choosing a domain name? 听起来没那么大,那么可怕,不是吗?


如果你的休息时间更长, 或者你精神出轨的深度更深, you might need more time to regroup your mind and switch your work mode back on. 如果这是你的情况, you might find yourself sitting puzzled at your to-do list for several days, unable to understand which end to start getting things done from – and how?

在这种情况下, a way to help yourself get back on track is focusing on the simplest tasks on your to-do list. Leave your big and maybe even urgent tasks untouched for a day or so, and start ticking off the small stuff – answer simple emails, 在社交媒体上发布更新, 或者买那支笔.

You might feel obligated to jump straight into new projects or take care of big tasks on the first day after your return. 但你不是. 事实上,这样做会让你很快精疲力竭. 所以,放轻松,不要为此感到内疚. If something was able to wait for weeks while you were away, 它肯定会再等上几天. 

By completing the easy tasks and ticking them off your to-do list, you will not only help yourself get back into the work mode more seamlessly, but will also feel the excitement and motivation of getting things done. 除了, there are few things in life that make you feel as good as crossing something out of your task list.


就因为你缺席了, the world did not stop spinning and things managed to happen during this time. 你想念他们. 现在? 有时候,最快回到正轨的最好方法, 是跟别人谈谈,让他们告诉你吗. 

一次在咖啡休息时间与同事聊天, and you can get a glimpse of the big new project they're working on right now. 与客户的电话, and they'll fill you in about the most important updates on their end that you should know. 下班后和一个自由职业者一起喝一杯, and you'll have the chance to ask about what's changed in the industry and new trends in your niche to pay attention to.


No matter what you're trying to achieve in your life right now, 也许有个应用可以帮你. And if your goal is to return to work after a longer break, there are a bunch of apps for it, too.


应用程序等 Todoist or任何.do 创建任务列表很棒吗, 根据项目进行分类, 设置优先级, 到期日期, 等. You can use different labels and colors for various projects and to separate your personal to-do list items from work assignments.

音乐 & 良好的应用

音乐 can have a significant impact on your mood and productivity after returning to work. Depending on what you want you to achieve, you can either:

  • Boost your productivity with specially designed music for focus on 大脑.fm
  • 听听安静的自然声音 Noisli
  • 打开你最喜欢的假期播放列表 Spotify or 苹果的音乐 延长假期的感觉


It’s not easy to focus on your first days back after a long vacation or sick leave. 为了避免太过频繁地查看手机, 尝试一款平衡手机使用的应用程序, 就像 自由, which allows you to block the sites you deem distracting. Or 时刻 app that lets you schedule daily time limits on the apps you use on your iPhone.


Even short mindfulness sessions can be beneficial when you’re back at work after a break and feel overwhelmed or anxious. 顶部空间 is a popular app designed for solving different stress-related issues, 就像陷入困境的睡眠, 焦虑, 等. 另一个正念应用程序 Buddhify -提供“在路上”的短暂沉思和冥想.” 

焦点 & 动机的应用

There are many focus apps to help those who feel demotivated at work and need a hand to stay on task. 例如,通知调度应用 Daywise lets you set a period of time within which you’re happy to receive notifications, 以及完全静音某些通知.



There's an end of your to-do list, too, but you'll probably never reach it anyway. Because growing your own business involves too many things to manage and do, and sometimes it can get chaotic even if you're on all day, 每一天. 


有了上面提到的建议, it's possible to maneuver your workload without 焦虑 and wanting to jump out of the window. 和往常一样, 如果你需要任何支持或建议建立一个网站, 莫扎洛团队mg赌场提供帮助!