5 things to do before creating your website

Bruno Veberis
5 things to do before creating your website

Your business needs a website. And with tools like Mozello, 它很容易让人兴奋,并想立即开始构建. 但是,如果你没有计划就仓促行动,那么结果将是低质量的. 唯一比没有网站更糟糕的事情是拥有一个糟糕的网站.

Sure, you can change and edit the website after you've already built it, but it's a huge hassle and why do double the work? Right from the start, 你应该花时间和方法建立一个网站,就像你做其他事情一样——有一个计划和目标.

在这篇文章中,mg游戏平台将介绍在开始创建网站之前你需要做的5件事. Those are:

  1. Define the purpose of your website
  2. Plan the website's structure
  3. Set out a fitting visual style
  4. Map out your content plan and tone
  5. Don't forget about mobile

1. Define the purpose of your website

Why do you need a website? This might seem like a strange question in this day and age. You'll probably answer that you need it to inform customers, to sell products, to become more discoverable, to make more money, to stay relevant, etc.

但现实情况是,大多数人在决定开始创建自己的网站时,并不知道或不确定他们到底想要什么,希望实现什么. The most typical reason is - everyone else has one.

而不是开始拼凑一些东西只是为了在mg游戏平台展示自己, take the time to define the purpose of your website. 这不仅可以帮助您规划结构和内容, 但在将来评估你的网站是否对你的业务有益时,它也会有所帮助.

For example, 如果你正在为你的实体店mg赌场,并将“增加商业利润”定义为主要目的, 但一段时间后,你会意识到你在网站和营销上花的钱比你在销售上得到的钱更多, then you'll know that the website isn't working out. If you don't define this goal, then you'll be more likely to keep investing in the website, even as it's losing you money, and potentially hurt your business.

The goal you set out will define all your further decisions. For example:

If you want to make sales, 然后你需要让网站的每一点引导你的访问者达到这个目标.
Or maybe your website is intended to serve as a personal portfolio. That will change what layout to choose.


2. Plan the website's structure

一旦你有了明确的目标,是时候为你的网站规划一个总体结构了. 无论你是想建立一个小型的网站,还是将有几十个不同的页面, 从一开始就有一个坚实的结构可以确保你的网站不会对你的用户来说变成一个复杂的迷宫.

拿起笔和纸,大致勾勒出你的网站由哪些部分组成.g. mg赌场,mg游戏平台,mg赌场,联系,运输政策,商店类别和子类别等. 一旦你完成了这些,画一个网站地图,这是一个大纲,将在你的网站上的位置:

这对于电子商务商店和拥有大量页面的复杂网站尤为重要. 如果你在没有规划的情况下进行建设,那么重要的东西丢失或遗忘的风险就很高.

Plus, by preparing a structure in advance, you will better understand what the user journey looks like. 这可以帮助你优化用户体验,通过削减不必要的步骤/页面,甚至在你开始构建你的网站.

3. Set out a fitting visual style

When you start building your website with Mozello, you'll have access to all sorts of templates and colors. 人们很容易变得兴奋,然后挑一些你认为看起来很酷的东西.

但是,如果你想要成功,那么你要明白,重要的不是你认为什么看起来很酷. 你的网站设计应该代表你的业务,帮助你的网站上的信息容易访问. For this reason, simple designs are favored by most website owners.

Therefore, 在你开始整理你的网站之前,建议你在脑海中有一个视觉风格. Think about what colors suit your business, find suitable fonts, consider what visuals will complement your website content. Don't hesitate to look at how your competitors do it.

Try to aim for a specific style, e.g. “minimal”, “bold”, or “corporate” and stick with it. Mozello's templates can help guide you in a specific direction, but make sure to customize them so they fit your brand identity.

If you need help making the right design decisions - check out this article on web design.

4. Map out your content plan and tone

你网站上的内容会让人们想要与你的网站进行互动, convince people to buy from you, and be a crucial part of your brand identity. 为了传达正确的信息,保持一致和信息丰富是非常重要的.

A good rule of thumb is to be specific with your text. For example, if you're creating a service-based website, the first text should tell the visitor exactly what is offered. 然后你可以用块来回答这些问题:什么是服务, how does it work, what are the benefits of using the service. The clearer you are, the more impactful the website will be.

你的网站的目标是确保访问者获得所有必要的信息来做决定. And the easier you make it for them to do that, the better their experience will be, and, in turn, they'll be more likely to make a purchase or get in touch with you.


5. Don't forget about mobile

通常情况下,当人们创建自己的网站时,他们完全忘记了移动平台. But mobile accounts for around half of all web traffic,所以如果你忽略了手机,那么你就忽略了多达一半的访问者.

For those building their website with Mozello, 你会很高兴地知道,你用Mozello创建的网站从一开始就与移动设备完全兼容,这多亏了响应式设计.

But there are some things you should consider. For example, while a highly-detailed image might look great on a web browser, it will be hard to discern on the smaller mobile screen. Similarly, 而较长的文本在桌面版本上可能更清晰,看起来也更棒, 在移动设备上,它们可能看起来很大,很难阅读.


Extra tip: Optimize your images

Your website is probably going to have lots of images. The more and the bigger the images, the longer it will take to load. And the longer your website loads, the more people will abandon it before it does. So you should always strive to improve your website's load speeds.

One of the best ways to do that is to use lighter images. How? As you build your website, optimize your images with tools like TinyPNG, 这将有助于压缩你沉重的图像到更小的尺寸,质量几乎没有损失, which, in turn, will help your website load faster.

The image will look the same, but instead of weighing, for example, 1 MB, it will only be 150 KB in size, 这意味着你的访问者将加载更快,将有一个更好的用户体验.

同样重要的是,给你的图片命名时,要准确地反映出图片中的内容, and make sure to include your brand name as well. 图片搜索正在兴起,好的图片名称和描述可以帮助你产生相关的流量.

Got your plan? Time to start building!

Once you've got a plan for your website, 然后是时候和莫扎罗的网站建设者一起把它们组合起来了, 您可以快速创建您的网站或电子商务商店,并容易地模具,以适合您的需求和要求. Create a website or online store now.