商业网站的十大好处 and how to take advantage of them

商业网站的十大好处 and how to take advantage of them

听, if you're running a business and still don't have a website, you're missing out on more customers and revenue than ever before. 现在, 每个人都在mg游戏平台,所有事情都在mg游戏平台发生,因为它很方便,因为, 现在全球都在流行.

确定, 如果你不想找新客户, if you don't want your business to gain recognition, 如果你不想增加收入, then not having a website is a great way to achieve that. But, in that case, entrepreneurship might not be the right thing for you.

“Building a website” sounds scary, but it's not. 与 易用的网站建设,如Mozello, anyone can quickly 创建 a website for their business. There's no code, everything is intuitive, and you can manage the site yourself. +, 每月仅需6欧元, 这意味着你可能只需要一两个客户就能把钱赚回来(看看这些 如何获得你的第一个在线客户的提示). 那么,你的借口是什么?

在这篇文章中, mg游戏平台不仅会看看你的企业如何从拥有一个网站中获益, but also how to take advantage of these benefits, 这也将帮助那些已经有一个网站,但挣扎着使用它的人.


1. 成为发现

第一个 and foremost, having a website lets your business get discovered. 与 3.每天50亿次搜索, most people rely on Google to find a solution to their needs, 无论他们是想买一个陶瓷茶壶还是想找一个当地的水管工. 如果你没有网站,寻找解决方案的人们甚至永远不会知道你的公司.

+, 网站还可以让人们更容易地在mg游戏平台讨论中推荐你的商店或服务. 例如, if somebody in a Facebook group is asking where to find a plumber in Riga, then it's much nicer to reply with a link that leads to a webpage, 而不是, 假设, 一个电话号码, because the person can immediately learn if this is what they're looking for.



Your goal should be to appear as high on the frontpage of Google as possible. 如果有人搜索“里加的水管工”,而你的页面首先出现——他们很可能会使用你的服务. To do this, you need to optimize 你的网站 for SEO. 这里有一个简单的指南 how to get 你的网站 included in search results.

2. 让你的业务全天候可用

If you don't have a website, it makes it more difficult for people to reach you. 没有人愿意在下班后打扰别人, nor will you be happy to take calls during dinner, 更别说半夜了.

So, 想象一下,有一个像虚拟接待员一样的网站,全天候工作,向人们解释你的工作(网站内容), highlights previous successful projects/products (product reviews & case studies), and takes messages for you (contact forms). 通过这种方式,你可以随时与他人取得联系,或者随时购买你的mg赌场.

简而言之, 通过建立一个网站, 你基本上获得了一个虚拟接待员,可以在你不在的时候管理客户.


Add a “联系 us” form and encourage visitors to ask any questions they have. 这样你就有了一个全天候开放的沟通渠道,即使你没有立即回复. 也, 尽量让你的网站提供尽可能多的信息,以回答客户可能有的所有问题, so they can understand whether your business is the thing they're looking for. 这与下一个好处很好地联系在一起.

3. 提供信息 & 支持(常见问题解答、信息、新闻)

拥有一个网站的主要好处之一(尤其是与社交媒体相比)是你可以以一种清晰和结构化的方式向你的客户提供信息. You can list all products and services you offer. You can preemptively answer all the most frequently asked questions. 你可以提供免费的指南,或者把它们作为 数码mg赌场.

例如,如果你卖手工羊毛衣服,你可以写一篇关于如何洗涤的mg游戏平台文章. 这种方式, when customers ask how to take care of their new wooly jumper, 你不必每次都从一开始就解释,只要把他们引到你的mg游戏平台就行了.
简而言之, 通过建立一个网站, 您向客户提供他们需要的信息,并且以一种清晰、快速、可监督的方式进行.


Make sure to keep 你的网站 content up to date. If there's a question people ask often, then add it to your FAQs. 如果你开始提供一项新的服务或mg赌场,那就发布一条新闻来宣布它. If people often ask about other projects you've done, then 创建 a case study. 简单地问自己一个问题——客户需要知道哪些重要的东西来选择我的mg赌场/服务? - and then answer that question with 你的网站.

4. 通过社会证明建立信任

You can also benefit by including some reviews and testimonials on 你的网站. If your customers are satisfied with your product or service, 让他们留下评论,这将鼓励未来的客户购买你的mg赌场. Or if your company has been mentioned somewhere in the media, like a local newspaper or specialized website - add that to 你的网站.

Your goal is to reduce the anxieties of your customers. mg游戏平台都担心mg游戏平台购买的mg赌场和服务的质量,如果mg游戏平台看到mg游戏平台的同行说购买是值得的, 这样mg游戏平台就更有可能皈依.



Ask customers for reviews and place them on 你的网站. 如果可能的话, 试着在评论旁边加一张客户的照片,让评论更加友好和个性化.

5. 销售mg赌场

这是一个显而易见的好处,不是吗? 你可以在mg游戏平台销售你的mg赌场, 不像你的实体店, 你没有关门时间, so people can buy stuff at any hour of the day or night. 然而,这不仅仅适用于商店. 即使你是一个服务提供商, 你仍然可以销售数字mg赌场——你可以创建电子书和课程,并在你的网站上销售.

例如, 如果你是一个健身教练, 你们都可以提供服务, 也可以提供一门课程——“如何在15分钟内完成你需要的所有日常锻炼”,或者出售一本电子书——“在不失去肌肉的情况下减肥的5种饮食理念”。. 你甚至可以免费提供这些数字mg赌场来吸引新客户使用你的服务.



Take your time to think about what else your business can offer. 然后创造并提供它! 看看这个 关于销售什么数码mg赌场的指南 that covers both what to do and how to add them to your Mozello website.

6. 达到非本地客户

Since anyone with an internet connection can access 你的网站, that means your store or service is no longer necessarily tied to one location. A website is key for entering international markets, or even simply neighbouring cities in your national market. 因为Mozello支持多语言站点, 你也可以把你的网站翻译成不同的语言,以确保你的新客户理解你提供什么,你出现在谷歌搜索的语言.

这意味着你甚至可以局部扩展, if there are multiple languages spoken in your region, thus potentially unlocking a new market in your very own city.


第一个, 你需要了解你的mg赌场或服务是否有需求,确定这一点的最佳方法是在你试图进入的地区寻找竞争对手. If you notice that your service or product offering is competitive, or maybe even better than what's currently on market, then there's an opportunity for your business to expand! 查看这篇文章来了解 什么时候是翻译的合适时间 你的网站.

7. 讲述你的故事,建立一个品牌

人们喜欢从别人那里买东西. mg游戏平台喜欢支持mg游戏平台的社区. mg游戏平台为当地的成功故事感到骄傲. An advantage of a website is not only that you can offer your services. 你也可以向别人介绍你自己, 对你的公司, 关于你的想法, 愿景, 和野心. 这, 反过来, 能帮你转化更多的客户吗, as you're building a relationship of trust and friendliness with them.

你在网站上讲述的故事将帮助人们认出你, 你将建立一个品牌. 这 helps with recognizability and trust, and ultimately business results.

简而言之, 通过建立一个网站, you can tell your story which will help build trust and rapport with customers.


确保有一个“mg游戏平台”的页面, where you tell customers about who you are and what's your company's story. Another way to tell your company story in a humanizing way is to, 例如, 不仅仅分享成功的案例研究, but also blog about your failures and struggles. 品牌建设的一个重要方面是找到适合你公司的风格,并在任何地方使用它, so people start associating it with your business.

8. Take advantage of new marketing opportunities

拥有网站的另一个主要好处是你可以打开大量的营销机会. 您可以:

通过建立一个网站, 你不仅可以向更多的人推销, 但你也可以为你的客户建立社区,并确保他们总是惦记着你, 培养忠诚度和重复购买.


Digital marketing is an exciting world full of opportunities and 这篇文章 会告诉你你需要知道的一切,以开始你的第一个营销活动.

9. 其他人都在这么做

If you won't take advantage of all the benefits outlined above, 然后其他人会, resulting in more business for them and less for you. 几乎每个人都有一个网站的原因是,客户已经开始期待它了. 但是,其他人这样做对你的商业网站有什么好处呢? Because you can learn from competitors' mistakes.


花些时间研究当地和国际竞争对手在他们的网站上做什么. 记下它们的共同点——这些都是重要的,你的网站也需要它们. 但也, keep an eye out for things that you don't like with their websites and, 当然, 避免这些问题.

10. 利用手机流量

More than half of all internet traffic now comes from mobile, which means you need to have a mobile website as well. 这种方式 people can find your services or products when they're on-the-go. 这里还有一些 reasons why businesses with mobile websites perform better.


所有的Mozello网站都是移动友好型的,所以……你不需要担心,只要你 用Mozello建立你的网站!


Creating a business website is not just about selling your products online. 这也是为了吸引新客户, 这是关于告知人们, 这是为了让你的生意有发言权, 它是关于可用性的. 所有这些方面都受到全球消费者的高度重视,并可以直接促进您的业务增长.

In this day and age, having a website is a necessity. 否则, 你的潜在客户会去找你的竞争对手,而你却只能在一旁观望. That would be a shame, particularly because creating a website is so easy. 欢迎你来玩 莫扎罗的免费网站建设者 and see for yourself, without having to commit to anything.